History of BBB

Mother & Daughter duo, Lauren & Annabelle, have been baking together since the beginning of time. Fast forward to 2020 and we were going through things that we had never endured. We had a brand new baby in the house- born at the same time as the Stay-At-Home orders. And remote learning for Annabelle for the first time ever. Sleepless nights for everyone became the norm. All the while we were baking, A LOT. Because cookies make things better, right?

We quickly realized how baking impacted our moods. Like so many others, we found joy baking and started creating our own mixes. Mixes with a meaning.

We are all going through something, we are ALL Bad Bitches! Whether it be good or bad - family issues, stress at work/school, a depressing breakup (or empowering glow-up), or even as heartbreaking as the death of a loved one. LIFE happens. Fast. So, slow down. Relax. Bake some cookies & laugh. 'Cuz these ain't your Mama's mixes!